Damariscotta Baptist Church
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Growing personal relationships with God and community

Historical Highlights


In 1969, for the 150th anniversary celebration, then-Pastor Don Harrington wrote:

"There are many who feel that the aesthetic and inspirational qualities of our church are in sharpest focus at night when the majestic columns are silhouetted against the lighted portico and the illumined belfry and spire tend to accent its true ministry.  However, by day or night, the Damariscotta Baptist Church is an object of beauty, admired far and wide by residents and visitors alike. ... One very obvious lesson which begins to evolve from man's first moon flight can be summed up in the word COMMITMENT.  That "one small step for man - one giant leap for mankind" became a reality because a national priority had been established and we had committed ourselves to whatever it might cost in terms of money, material and human resources.  Nothing less is required of the individual Christian and his church!  "Commitment" must be more than a word or concept.  It is not optional!  It must be a way of life!  It can be stated unequivocally that the years ahead for the Damariscotta Baptist Church will be determined by the measure of our COMMITMENT to Christ, His Church, and one another. ... " 

     1817 Sunday School organized. 
     1819 (September 13) Church officially organized with 12 members as "The Second Baptist Church in Nobleborough".  Meeting was held in the home of William Hopkins, Hopkins Hill, Newcastle.

     1819 (September 30) Adoniram Judson, Sr. called from Plymouth and reordained as first pastor.  [Rev. Judson was the father of the missionary to Burma whose ministry led to the formation of the American Baptist Missionary Union.] 

     1837 Vestry built and dedicated.

     1843 Present church ediface built.
     1846 Tracker organ installed (Restored in 1965) 

     1847 Name changed to "Damariscotta Baptist Church" following incorporation of the Town. 

     1881 Parsonage built. 

     1891 (July 22) Rededication of the church following extensive renovations. 

     1911 Church incorporated. 

     1968 Christian Education Wing completed and first used by the Sunday School on September 29.  Dedication and Open House on November 3. 

     1969 One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner and Program held on September 13. 

     1979 Annual convention of the American Baptist Churches of Maine celebrated the 175th Anniversary in this church. 

     1999 Repairs were made to the Sanctuary ceiling.  Front steps were rebuilt by volunteers. 

     1999/2000 Redecorated the downstairs area and refinished the fellowship hall floor. 

     2001 Repaired and repainted the steeple. 

     2001 Stripped and repainted the front columns. 
     2001 Replaced the flooring in the upstairs Sunday School rooms.   

     2007 Removed the steeple and bell tower for repairs.  Began capital campaign. 

     2010 Steeple repairs were completed and steeple was one again placed atop the church. 
     2016 South side of roof reshingled and solar panels installed
     2017 Roof above Christian Education Wing replaced


Today our church hosts an active Sunday School Program, Youth Program, DivorceCare Support Group, and intermittent Bible and book studies. We also support both local and overseas missions.